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What are the negatives to microblading?

what are the negatives to microblading

Microblading cons

While there are many pros to microblading, like anything else, there are also cons. Many of you know the pros, for example, full, natural looking brows that do not wash off. However, some of you have asked,

“What are the negatives to microblading?”

In our opinion, the number one negative is the pain. Unlike a brow waxing service where you get through that little bit of pain, microblading takes much longer. While we use numbing cream to minimize discomfort, we have seen a full spectrum of pain tolerance. To clarify, most clients take well to the numbing cream.

Another negative to microblading is the recovery time of the service. This is where some people may have trouble. People may reconsider their decision because of the look of the brows during the recovery period. Brows in recovery can either look extremely dark or off due to the swelling.

During the recovery phase you are limited to what you can do afterwards, not only because of the skin recovering but also because of the look of them.

A third negative we can think of is specific to people who have really thick and/or oily skin. Their pigment retention is lower so they will have to get their refresher sooner rather than later. We recommend refreshers as early as 6 weeks post procedure and as late as 12 months post procedure.

A minimum of 40% of the initial shape must be present for your Refresher. This time varies per person. Oily skin reaches a 40% fade rate closer to the first 2-3 months, while other skin types can stretch the refresher closer to 10-12 months post procedure.

What’s stopping you now?

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Who should not get microblading?

who should not get microblading

It’s Not for Everyone.

Your safety is our first concern. While most people meet medical eligibility for the microblading procedure, there are contraindications that prevent some people from going “under the blade”.


Microblading is nor recommended for pregnant women. The procedure requires us to cut into the skin potentially causing unnecessary stress. High levels of stress could consequently affect the fetus; Its best to wait. However, this comes down to personal preference because there is no research to date that has linked microblading to harming the baby.

Blood clotting abnormalities

People with blood clotting abnormalities because they are going to bleed a lot and the chances of them retaining colour is very slim.


A keloid scar is thick and raised.

People prone to keloid scarring should definitely avoid the service unless their service provider is comfortable doing it and a test patch is done.

Senile skin

In old age, the skin and the blood vessels become more fragile. As a result, skin bruises easily from minor trauma. Senile skin does not have much adipose tissue. Without that “cushioning”, the incisions split open. In addition, the skin does not recover as quickly.

Other questions?

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Microblading brows: How painful is it?

microblading brows yeg

How painful is microblading?

Let’s measure pain on a scale of 1 to 5; With 1 being the lowest, and 5 being the highest amount of pain felt during the procedure. With proper numbing and preparation of the skin, most clients will report a 0.5 at the beginning and a 3 towards the end of their service.

On the other hand, some people don’t feel anything the entire time. It comes down to how the person’s body takes to topical anesthetic. For instance, if you don’t do well in dental procedures involving anaesthetic, chances are your skin won’t take well to topical anaesthetic used for microblading brows.

caffeine and microblading

In addition, personal pain tolerance also has a lot to do it. To decrease pain level, we recommend following the precautions prior to your appointment. Examples include avoiding all forms of caffeine, and getting enough sleep the night before. For women specifically, menstruation may cause extra sensitivity.

Medications and Microblading

microblading contraindications edmonton

There are some medications that add to skin sensitivity. If you are taking any medication we recommend talking to your pharmacist. Some medications are a contraindication to microblading, for example, blood thinners.

Blood thinners are used by people that have high blood pressure and/or are prone to blood clots. They thin the blood which causes you to bleed more during microblading which can in turn result in less retention of pigment.

microblading brows

Does microblading ruin your natural brows?

Microblading does not affect the current growth of the brow. It can however stimulate hair growth because of the layers that we are cutting into. Some of our clients report new hair growth where hair growth had been lost.

Other questions?

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Brow deals YEG

best brows edmonton

Introducing the Brow Enhancement Trio

Grow, set, and define your brows with the Brow Enhancement Trio! This brow package will have your brows looking thicker, fuller and fabulous in 6 weeks.

Throughout August 2022, this trio can be purchased in-store or online for $95 (reg. $135.99).

The Brow Enhancement Trio includes:

brow enhancement trio dermica


If you liked EyEnvy you’re gonna love ADOREYES! Unlike EyEnvy, Adoreyes works on all 3 stages of hair growth so you will always see brows that are nourished and strong.

brow enhancement trio dermica

BROW GEL, Glo Skin Beauty (Reg. $30)

This water-based gel formula, enriched with antioxidants, is designed to provide brow sculpting control by holding stray hairs in place. Defines the brow line, and also provides longer wearability to your look. Enriched with antioxidants.

brow enhancement trio dermica


Expertly frame and shape your brows like never before. This ultra-slim pencil fills in sparse areas with the precision and detail of fine, hair-like strokes for a perfectly natural look. Formulated with Vitamins C and E.

In-store purchases

We are happy to show you how to use the products in your package! A service provider can share some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your brow products.

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brow deals yeg

Lamination Lovers- July 2022

B & A Lamination with Tint

Throughout July, we have a Lamination combo available for $110. This combo includes:

  • Brow Lamination
  • ADOREYES Eyebrow Conditioner (6.0 ml)

Brow Lamination is beloved by people who desire the appearance of full, feathery brows. Lamination does not add brows. Instead, it styles the natural brows using a gentle perm solution. This treatment takes 40-60 minutes with results lasting 4-6 weeks. 

Upgrade your package to Lamination with Tint!

Upgraded packages are available for $125. These brow deals are not valid with any other promotion. No pre-purchasing. Promotion runs from July 1-31, 2022. While quantities last.

B & A Lamination with Tint

Does lamination ruin your eyebrows?

While the perm solution used is safe for most people, it is recommend that clients wait a minimum of 6 weeks between appointments. Above all, this allows you hair to recover and regenerate new growth.

Brow care tip: Use ADOREYES brow serum after lamination. ADOREYES revitalizes, thickens and strengthens the eyebrows from root to tip.

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brow deals yeg

YEG, our brow deals are here for summer!

Our brow deals are here for YEG! Receive $70 OFF your microblading service from June 1 to August 31, 2022. Furthermore, ask your service provider how you can save an additional $30 at your appointment. No pre-purchasing. Not valid with any other promotions. Valid for Microblading Levels 1, 2, and 3 only.

Booking your consultation.

Book your consultation online. Please note we will remove any brow makeup worn to your consultation. Your consultation will determine medical eligibility and the level required to achieve your desired results. A $50 deposit will be required to book your microblading appointment. Subsequently, pre-treatment instructions will be provided.

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eyebrow lamination products

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FREE Shape w/ Brow and Lash Tint – OCT 30 ONLY!


Mark your calendars! Saturday October 30 ONLY- Get a free Brow Shape with your Brow and Lash Tint.

This special is not valid with any other offer/promotion.  Please note that your service provider will be taking before and after pictures which may be used for future marketing purposes as a condition of this deal.

Pick up some EyEnvy during your spa visit!

eyenvy edmonton dermica

EyEnvy is a vegan lash and brow conditioner that amplifies your natural hair growth. It contains a combination of nutrient rich vitamins and peptides that elevate hydration and nourish the hair shaft. 

“My natural lashes have grow so long!”

Michelle R.- EyEnvy user

EyEnvy Conditioner is great for use on sparse areas of the lash & brow line to help promote new hair growth.

Processing, cleansing, cosmetics, and sun exposure can cause moisture loss which can cause premature colour fading and brittle lashes. The added nutrients in EyEnvy are perfect for post-care as they lock in moisture and extend the life and efficacy of your service!

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Microblading Before and After pics

microblading before and after pics

Microblading before and after pics can help you select the right artist for you. NOTE: Most of these pics were taken immediately after the procedure. Therefore, the images are intended to depict hair stroke detail, not final colour. To clarify, the final colour is revealed about 5-10 days into healing process.

All microblading levels include one Refresher which can be booked within 12 months following initial procedure.

Microblading Before and After pics: LEVEL 1

Increase the definition of your brow line, add density to thinning areas, fill small gaps and scars, or balance the overall brow shape. Includes 30% brow coverage.

Need more coverage? LEVEL 2

Remodel your brow shape, balance highly uneven brows, fill-in gaps, scars, increase density and thickness in sparse brows. Includes 60% brow coverage.

New brows, new you: LEVEL 3

Restore your brows from tip-tip and top-bottom with a complete coverage of severely thinned brows or missing brows. Includes up to 100% brow coverage.

Refresher- 2nd procedure (included)

Before booking, is Microblading safe for you?

Like all other forms of tattooing, microblading has associated risks. Though uncommon- such as the transmission of blood borne pathogens or reactions to pigment ingredients- reviewing the contraindications will minimize risk. In addition, it will help you prepare for your procedure.


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