Sensitive Skin Care Tips

sensitive skin care tips
Try our skin care tips for sensitive skin.

Skin Sensitivity

Vascular lesions are due to conditions such as Rosacea, couperose skin, sensitized skin, or skin trauma. These types of conditions are characterized by frequent, consistent redness, and visible redness and broken capillaries. They are most commonly found in the facial and neck area. If left unchecked these conditions can worsen, or mutate the skin’s texture. The following sensitive skin care tips will help you prevent flare-ups.

TIPS on how to calm your skin.

1. Avoid applying heat to the skin. For example: hot showers, heating fan in your vehicle, extended sun exposure.

2. Limit alcohol (especially red wine 😵) consumption when your are already experiencing a skin flush.

3. Use fragrance free and gentle products on your skin. 

4. Switch out your facial scrub for a gentle enzymatic exfoliant.

5. Use soothing mask 2-3 times/ week to hydrate and calm your skin.

6. Keep your moisturizer in the door compartment of your fridge for added cooling effect.

Environmental factors to consider


Protect skin from sun, wind, and excess temperatures (something we all experience living in Canada). We cannot emphasize how important using sunscreen daily is, even during winter! Throughout the winter months, cover your cheeks and face with a scarf. Wash the scarf/scarves regularly. If possible, replace the scarf every day or every other day to prevent breakouts.

sensitive skin care tips
Looking for a gentle care line for your sensitive skin? We recommend the CALM SKIN SET.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

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