Ask Dérmica: Sun Spot Removal Edmonton

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Ask Dérmica: Sun Spot Removal Edmonton

Dear Dérmica,
I have developed a few brown spots on my face over the summer and am wondering if there is anything you guys can do to remove them?

Dear Lindsay,
It sounds like you have some sun damage that has surfaced in the form of sun spots.

Sun spots usually appear in areas of high sun exposure such as the forehead, nose, cheeks, and decollate. They can also appear on the body, back of the hands, upper shoulders (especially on people who drive during times of the day when the sun is at its strongest), etc.

Sun spots are cells that were damaged by UV exposure. Typically this damage has been caused before the age of 18 and surfaces later on in life and become darkened with repeated or excessive sun exposure.

If your brown spots appeared over the summer, I can surmise that they are sun damaged cells that have surfaced in the form of sun spots with the recent sun exposure you experienced this summer.

In regards to your question on the removal of your brown spots, yes, we can most definitely remove your spots.

We will shed some light on repair and maintenance.


Dérmica’s IPL Photofacials are safe, non-invasive Advanced Skincare procedures that deliver immediate results. We offer different types of photofacials for different skin concerns, and in dealing with your specific concern, we would recommend Dérmica’s ACLARA ME photofacial .

Aclara ME works to removes pigment spots (brown spots/sun spots/ age spots) and damage affecting your face, neck, chest, hands, and arms.

Throughout the procedure, we deliver quick pulses of light to the targeted area penetrating between 535-580nm into your skin. This process breaks up the spot, which then brings the pigment to the surface and sheds the spot with your skins natural processes.

We perform all of our laser procedures using Sharplight’s Formax-VP System. The system features a number of safety-control attributes including a contact cooling tip that cools the skin being treated, adding maximum comfort and protection.

Best of all, there is no downtime required for this procedure. An ACLARA ME photofacial takes 15-30 minutes, after which you can continue your daily routine!


As we mentioned earlier, most damage has been caused before the age of 18 and surfaces later on in life and becomes darkened with repeated or excessive sun exposure.

Having said this, we recommend reading our Anti Aging tips and of course, always use sun block, sun block, sun block!!! Sun block is vital, even in the winter months.

Thanks Lindsay for your question, we hope we were able to help.

Love, Peace, and Great Skin!

Dérmica MedEsthetics
(780) 885-7108

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