Spa Deals 2023

spa deals dermica

October- Photofacial COMBO- $175

Throughout October, combine any 2 photofacials for the price of 1.

Choose from:

ACLARA for pigment removal (read more…)
ALISA for skin rejuvenation (
ALIVIA for redness removal (

This special is limited to full face photofacials and is delivered in the same session. Not valid with any other promotion. Offer valid from October 1-31, 2023. No pre-purchasing. 

free brow microliner with beauty facial at Dérmica MedEsthetics in Edmonton, AB., Canada

September- Free Glo Brow Microliner with Beauty Facial

Throughout September, receive a free Glo Skin Beauty Brow Microliner with your Beauty Facial. This offer is not valid with any other promotion. No pre-purchasing. Promotion runs from September 1-30, 2023.

Why THIS brow pencil?

With a smooth glide application, it fills in sparse areas with the precision and detail of fine, hair-like strokes for a perfectly natural look. Like all top-quality brow pencils, it includes a built-in spoolie brush for shaping and blending.

Plus, it’s good for you!

Not only does it wear well, it is formulated with Vitamins C and E and is blended with natural mineral pigments.

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back peel yeg

August- 25% OFF Back Peels

It’s never too late to address back concerns such as “bacne” or hyperpigmentation.

Acne and/or acne scarring on the back can be treated with chemical deep peels. Deep peels are classified as medium to strong skin acids. They range from 20% – 85% potency and can be layered for maximum effect.

Throughout August, save 25% on back peels. This offer is not valid with any other promotion. No pre-purchasing. Promotion runs from August 1-31, 2023. Please review the treatment eligibility criteria before booking online.

lash lift spa deals dermica edmonton

July- Lash Love Package

Through July 2023, give your lashes some love with Dérmica’s ❤Lash Love❤ Package!

This Lash Package can be purchased for $140 and includes:

  • Lash Lift
  • Adoreyes® Eyelash Enhancing Serum

ADOREYES enhancing serums feature a high-performance Triple Peptide Complex technology to revitalize, thicken and strengthen eyelashes throughout each stage of growth.

Condition and hydrate your lashes with this breakthrough formula to extend the life and strength of your Lash Lift.

June- Free BOOST with Dérmaplane

Dérmaplane brightens the complexion, evens skin tone, and leaves the skin feeling supple and renewed.  The results  are seen immediately following the procedure.  Additional benefits of dermaplaning are smoother and hair-free skin.

Throughout June, receive a complimentary peel acid boost with a full face dermaplaning service. This offer is not valid with and other promotion. No pre-purchasing.

Please review the treatment criteria before booking your treatment. There is an expected downtime of 1-3 days depending on your skin.

permanent hair removal edmonton

May- 25% OFF all IPL Hair Removal

Throughout May, receive 25% OFF all IPL Hair Removal.

This offer runs from May 1-31, 2023. It is not valid with and other promotion. No pre-purchasing.

chemical peels edmonton

April- 25% OFF Chemical Peels

Prep your skin to look it’s best this spring with a chemical peel. Chemical peels can be used to treat skin conditions. Multiple peels are needed when treating certain conditions. They can also be used as a one time treatment for those looking to refreshen dull, tired-looking skin.

Throughout April, receive 25% OFF all chemical deep peels. This offer is not valid with and other promotion. No pre-purchasing.

March- Brow Lamination $35 with your purchase of Lash Lift

Throughout March, get a Brow Lamination for only $35 when you purchase a Lash Lift.

This special is not valid with any other offer or promotion. Services must occur during the same appointment.

This offer ends March 31, 2023. No pre-purchasing.

spa package EDMONTON

February: TE AMO Spa Package-$100

Why celebrate love only one day of the year when you can do it all month?!

Throughout February, purchase our ‘TE AMO’ spa package for $100. This spa package includes a PORE facial and a 30 minute Relaxation Massage.

The Spa Package must be purchased and used in February. This special is not valid with any other offer or promotion.

microblading deals dermica

January: Microblading Deals

Ready for a game-changer? Start 2023 with a boost of confidence! We have microblading deals throughout January. Receive $100 OFF microblading levels 1, 2, and 3.

Microblading is a semi-permanent service that can last up to 3 years with proper care. You can rest easy knowing your brows are at the hands of our experts. Our thorough consultations and skillful technique makes this a top service at Dérmica.

Don’t miss out, take advantage of our microblading deals! This offer ends January 31, 2023. No pre-purchasing. Not valid with any other promotion.

Are there risks involved?

Microblading, like all other forms of tattooing, has risks associated with the procedure that though uncommon, must be reviewed.

During your microblading procedure, we use a fine sharp blade to make incisions into the skin in order to insert pigment. As a result your skin experiences a bit of trauma, which is why preparation and post care play such an important role.

What level am I?

The microblading level depends on whether you’re adding 10% or 100% more volume to your brows. Level 1 adds up to 30% coverage, while level 2 adds between 30-60%.

Preparing for the procedure

There are some simple guidelines you should follow prior to your procedure day. For instance, avoid alcohol consumption 12 hours prior to scheduled appointment as this can cause excessive bleeding and sensitivity during treatment.

In addition, avoid caffeinated beverages 2 hours prior to appointment as this can cause skin sensitivity.

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