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Our Gastronomic Experience at Chianti in Whyte Ave Edmonton

Out having a meeting at Chianti- Old Strathcona

Out having a meeting at Chianti- Old Strathcona/ Whyte Ave Edmonton

Ladies Who Lunch

Anyone will tell you owning a business is hard work, but why don’t they talk about how much FUN it is as well?!?! In addition, being a business owner on Whyte Ave Edmonton /Old Strathcona definitely has its perks!!!

For one, we get to be part of this amazing group- The Old Strathcona Business Association. They take care of us by keeping us updated in our community. We’re kinda like a big family of businesses here in Old Strathcona-Whyte Ave, and that’s pretty cool ☺

Another perk is getting to know our neighbors, one business at a time. Sometimes Jhoenna and I need a change in scenery and we schedule our meetings at different venues in the famous avenue. Don’t get me wrong, our boutique spa is our beautiful haven, but still, we like to mix it up once in a while.

Take this week for example, we had a business meeting at Chianti Café and Restaurant in Old Strathcona/ Whyte Ave Edmonton. I personally LO-LO-LO-LOVED the place!

The décor was pleasing to my eyes; the art on the walls, the golden pothos, it all had a rustic appeal. Having an artist friend, Taara Smith, I appreciate the way they support local artists by displaying the artwork for sale on their walls. At dérmica, we also support local artists. Currently, Heidi Erisman brings a touch of class to our walls with her art collection, the Grisaille, also up for sale ☺

The food was exquisite! We started off with fresh bread and butter, brought to us by our excellent server, Chantell. Chantell is one of the best servers I’ve encountered. She knew when to come to the table, had an excellent manner, and made our drinks (which were delicious). She was a pro. We ordered Caesar salad, we were both very impressed. It was not your typical Caesar salad, Chianti obviously adds a secret ingredient. Jhoenna had Penne Mediterraneo and I had Lasagna Al Forno. We both highly recommend our chosen dishes.

To drink, we tried several items from the menu: Blueberry Tea (I love amaretto. Yum.), Irish coffee, a Chocolate martini (custom blended by Chantell), and a Blue Hawaiian martini.

We finished off with a Chocolate Mousse, a perfect little treat, big enough to share with your significant other, or biz partner ;)

All in all, Jhoenna and I had a great time at Chianti Café and Restaurant. Lucky for us Chianti is a 3-minute walk away from Dérmica MedEsthetics. So next time you are in the neighbourhood of Whyte Ave Edmonton and you’re hungry for some grub, go check out Chianti, we give them 2 thumbs up!


For the love of dogs! Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte teams up with the Edmonton Humane Society

Our first fundraiser for the EHS was a success!

Project BESTFRIENDS: A fundraiser for the EHS by Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte

Never had I imagined that I would ever be in a position to partner with a charity and help improve the lives of others. This is funny seeing how I come from the world of social work. Using my degree in Psychology, I worked in the helping field since graduating from the University of Alberta 9 years ago. But not since partnering with the Edmonton Humane Society have I been part of something so near and dear to me, so close to my heart!

Thanks to my dear friend’s talent and dedication, we were able to create the idea of Dérmica MedEsthetics Spa on Whyte, and bring it to fruition in the spring of 2014. April 1 to be exact, what better day than April Fool’s day we figured?!?!

Since opening up for business, through our spa on Whyte we have had the pleasure of meeting many new individuals who are leaders in the community, and excellent role models for us as young entrepreneurs with a lot to learn! Even more exciting, sometimes we get the chance to work with them towards a common goal. As an entrepreneur, I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS), an organization devoted to helping homeless and abused companion animals, enlightening people, and enriching lives.

We recently concluded our first fundraising campaign for the EHS. We ran it throughout December donating 10% of all our IPL Photofacials and Laser Hair Removal services. We immersed ourselves into this campaign, with Jhoenna creating cartoon images by hand to go with our EHS fundraiser promos.

Anyone who knows me personally knows I am an animal lover and knows my 13-year-old dog, Wolfy. Yes I am that crazy person who talks to her dog. When you do it at the dog park it’s weird, when you do it in your own house it’s nobody’s business I always say ;)

Jhoenna is the proud owner of Chuco. Though he’s just a pup, he has won Jhoenna’s heart over and over again. We often take them on walks together. Chuco used to be afraid at the dog park, but since Wolfy started joining him, Chuco has found a loyal and protective companion in Wolfy. Chuco has gained confidence and bravery. Wolfy has gained patience.

Like Wolfy and Chuco, Jhoenna and I walk side-by-side, learning from each other, and picking up where the other lacks. Thank you to the Edmonton Humane Society for allowing us to help out where we can and for nurturing this new relationship. We are proud to show our support and look forward to many things to come.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about our fundraiser, in particular, The Metterra Hotel on Whyte, The Old Strathcona Business Association(OSBA), and 104.9FM Virgin Radio. Our efforts where maximized thanks to you!

Dérmica MedEsthetics

Monthly Special: Complimentary Brow Shape with your Spa Facial

January Special: Complimentary Brow Shape with your Facial!

Receive a Complimentary Brow Shape with your Spa Facial!

January Specials are here!

The New Year has arrived! Full of promise, full of New Year aspirations and goals, it really is great to have a clean slate every 12 months. Something about starting a new calendar gives us inspiration to embark on new journeys.

If you struggle with your skin, let this be the year you rise above it. At dérmica, we specialize in advanced skin care. Our skin experts have over a decade of experience in esthetics, and our knowledge ranges wide. Trust your skin to us.

We offer a full service menu for skin care options. From facials, to chemical peels, to IPL Photofacials, dérmica has your answer!

Throughout January, dérmica is offering a complimentary brow shape with your spa facial. This is our way of helping you welcome the New Year with a fresh frame on your face!

Recommendations after a facial:
  • Avoid wearing makeup; make sure that your spa facial is booked at a time of day that you will have little activity so that your skin can breathe freely without makeup. During your treatment, we infuse products to the skin, so you want to make sure that you are doing a gentle light cleanse at the end of the day if necessary and return to a healthy skin care regimen the next day.
  • You should use professional quality products to maintain an increased result. If you are currently using a department store product and you are happy with the efficacy of your product, stick with it! You can incorporate finishing touches such as professional serums, masks, and exfoliants to intensify results. If you are in search of a professional treatment line, ensure that you talk to a knowledgeable, trained professional that will be able to assess your skin’s specific needs that will help you develop a customized skin care routine in accordance to the time, budget, and skin care needs that you have allotted yourself.

Here’s to great skin in 2015!

Peace, Love, and Great Skin!
Dérmica MedEsthetics
(780) 885-7108

FAQs including possible IPL Laser Hair Removal side effects

IPL Hair Removal
IPL Hair Removal


IPL HAIR REDUCTION Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is IPL different than Laser hair removal?

A: Yes, they are different permanent hair removal procedures that have a similar purpose and achieve similar results. While laser uses an actual laser, IPL Hair Removal uses pulse light. You may hear different terms such as laser hair removal, IPL Hair Reduction, IPL Hair Removal that basically refer to permanent hair reduction/removal.

Q: What is IPL-DPC?

A: IPL-DPC stands for Intense Pulse Light- Dynamic Pulse Control. By emitting a light beam into the hair follicle, this treatment coagulates the melanin when the light beam turns into heat energy. This sort-of-speak zaps the hair follicle, leaving it unable to grow new hair. The DPC technology means that we can determine the “aggressiveness” of the treatment based on the duration of the pulse- shorter pulses are more aggressive, delivering the light beam in a shorter period of time, while longer pulses are less aggressive as they have a longer period to deliver the light beam. The different range of pulse durations results in a major increase in the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Q: How does light-based technology work?

A: Light-based technology works through Selective Photothermolysis. This is the selective thermal damage of pigmented structures. It selects tissue to be destroyed by selecting tissue with significantly greater optical absorption than the surrounding tissue. In layman’s terms, the light beam is attracted to darker pigments, thereby being able to distinguish the hair from the skin.

Q: Is everyone eligible for IPL Hair Removal/Reduction?

A: No, not everyone is eligible. Like other advanced treatments involving the application of heat, factors such as your rating on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification Scale and your previous experience with sunburn may make you ineligible for this procedure.

Ensure that wherever you go for this procedure provides you with a thorough consultation!!!

Q: Why are multiple treatments necessary?

A: Active follicles go through different phases in their cycle: Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Return to Anagen. Only follicles in the Anagen phase have enough melanin pigment to absorb the light and reach necrosis temperature. At any given time, about 20-25% of follicles are in the Anagen phase; therefore in order to eliminate as much hair as possible, we must treat multiple times.

Q: Are IPL Hair Reduction Treatments painful?

A: No, during the procedure you may feel a slight, momentary sting, such as the snap of an elastic band, but not pain.

Q: Are IPL Hair Reduction Treatments Safe? What are the possible IPL Laser Hair Removal side effects?

A: Our Skin Experts are knowledgeable on DPC technology, AND on the biology of the hair and skin. This increases the safety of all of our treatments. Our treatments are non-invasive and safe, with minimum side effects if any at all. IPL Laser Hair Removal side effects could include:

  • Discomfort (stinging sensation up to one hour after treatment)
  • Change of Pigmentation (most cases occur on people with darker skin and can be avoided by conducting a test patch
  • Fragile Skin (skin may become temporarily fragile)
  • Purpura (purple bruising lasting from 5-15 days)
  • Scarring (may happen on darker skin but still, very rare)


Q: How many treatments are required?

A: The typical regimen is 8-12 treatment sessions, spaced 4-12 weeks apart, depending on the body area.

Q: What is the average rate of hair growth?

A: About 0.35mm/day, but this is truly dependent on age, ethnicity, gender, and body area.

Q: Why did my hair come back after my pregnancy?

A: Aside from our hand palms and our feet plants, our entire body is covered with hair follicles, however, not all follicles actively grow hair. Dormant follicles do not grow hair, but may become active due to hormonal changes (such as pregnancy) or other reasons.

Questions or concerns? Contact us at (780) 885-7108 or
Thanks and have a great day!

Book a facial, get a complimentary express manicure!

December Special: Receive a complimentary express manicure with your facial this month!

Seasons Greetings!

Get ready for the holidays with Dérmica’s monthly special: a complimentary express manicure with your facial.

A facial is an excellent way to care for your skin during the winter.

The Dérmica facial is our signature facial. This 60-minute facial is always specialized to meet your skin’s specific needs. We incorporate highly concentrated, pharmaceutical grade, natural products that deliver optimal results.

Through a a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and hydrating steam , our facials help to clear away any impurities as well as moisturize your face giving it a much needed burst of hydration. After, we pack the skin with nutrients with a relaxing massage.

Your skin will look more vibrant, smooth, and hydrated after your Dérmica facial!

Our express manicure includes cuticle care, fresh polish application, and relaxing hand/arm massage.

Offer ends Dec.31

Dérmica wishes you love, peace, and great skin!

Advanced Skin Care and IPL Laser Treatments Edmonton

MedEsthetics Laser Treatments Edmonton (IPL Laser Photo Therapy)

Our advanced MedEsthetics (ME) treatments are tailored to treat major skin conditions and deliver maximum results. With just a quick pulse of light we can now remove unwanted facial and body hair, and diminish brown spots, redness, and broken capillaries. Browse through our selection and descriptions to see which treatment suits your skin’s needs most. We offer free consultations with our Skin Expert who will analyze your skin condition, outline the benefits, and help you select the best treatment option. IPL LASER HAIR REMOVAL (Permanent Hair Reduction) Are you longing for solution to unwanted facial and body hair? Have you considered IPL Laser Hair Removal? Life can be easy with Dermica’s IPL Hair Removal Treatment! Our IPL Hair Removal Treatment will deliver permanent results on any area of face and body, including male facial hair! Razor burn, ingrown hairs, and embarrassing stubble will be a thing of the past after your IPL Hair Removal session! ACLARA ME Treatment (Pigment Removal) Are you in search for the ultimate solution to clear sun spots, pigment scarring, or dark spots on your face? Stop wasting your time and money on costly lotions and potions that promise results, and let our “Aclara ME Treatment” be the answer to your skin concern! This treatment will lighten and clear dark to light pigmented lesions! ALISA ME Treatment (Skin Rejuvenation Photo Facial) Is your skin looking a little down these days? Want to lift/tone and brighten your tired skin? The Alisa ME Treatment is ideal for treating dull skin appearance, textural damage such as scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, and mature skin. The treatment can be performed on small to large areas of the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms! ALIVIA ME Treatment (Vascular Lesion Removal Photo Facial) Wondering where the redness and broken capillaries on your face came from? It could be due to conditions such as Rosacea, couperose skin, sensitized skin, or simply genetically sensitive skin. These types of conditions are characterized by frequent, consistent redness, and visible redness and broken capillaries. They are most commonly found in the facial and neck area. If left untreated these conditions can worsen, or mutate the skin’s texture. Dérmica’s Alivia ME Treatment will diminish redness and dissolve broken capillaries on areas of the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands! Call to book your free consultation with our Skin Expert and begin your journey to fresh smooth skin! (780) 885 7108

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